Payment information

To book a tour/trip with us, the full amount has to be paid in advance via PayPal (international and secure online payment) in order to be able to organize your excursions. We also accept all kind of credit cards.

This is the only way to confirm your reservation. If you have any problems when trying to book, you can contact us so we can assist you.

PayPal = 100% Secure Payment

We only use PayPal as a payment method. We keep all your information safe. You can pay through credit card, too. The platform accepts all types of cards.

PayPal Company states on its website: “When you send a payment using PayPal, the recipient will not receive sensitive financial information such as your credit card or bank account number. This way, you do not have to worry about paying people you do not know”.

Transaction Fee

Lima Highlights Tours does not charge any commissions or fee for the online payments through our website. However, in case your currency is different, there might be an amount difference due to exchange. We only work with US Dollar for online payments.

Prices on website

The prices displayed on our website are set prices, meaning that you do not have to add any extra amount to it.

Our prices vary by group size, the more travelers in your reservation, the better prices you get.

Cancellation policy

When a customer books any tour or trip with us, we autmomatically starts the necessary arragenment and coordinations with the ones that are involved in the tourism indstry, to guarantee you will not miss out on any place or attraction listed as part of your tour. We schedule in advance frelance local tour guides and drivers and transport, that way they can separate their valuable time for doing the tour(s) you are booking. Therefore, if you cancel your tour(s) last minute, that affects a lot our local company, workers and suppliers.

Here you have necesary information for cancellation info:

  • No show = No refund 

When booking tours with us, you automatically isuue your payment through PayPal platform (even if using credit card to pay). PayPal is the payment platform we use due to the company’s reliability.

Full refunds are  allowed within 180 days (6 months) after the payment date

* PayPal platform allows us to refund without fees. However, there could be a small fee charged by your bank due to the transaction.

Most tours can be cancelled 24 hours prior the tour with a full refund. However, some tours require us to pay to our suppliers in advance like for the Nazca Lines tour from Pisco airport, Peruvian Paso Horse Show, etc. In those specific cases, there is a porcentage that can not be refunded. Every tour has its own Cancellation info on each web page, so you know which one are fully refundable and which of them are partially refundable, if the cancellation is up to 24 hours before the tour take place.

Cancellations within 24 hours are 50% refundable only and our company charges 50% due to management and to pay at least half of the cancelled service to our suppliers (freelance English speaking guide and driver) because they schedule their valuable time to do the tour with you, having not to accept services from other companies. For example, if for any reason you cancel your bookings made with us a few hours before the tour start, we will refund you 50% of what you paid and the other 50% will be used to pay our suppliers and cover the neccesary expenses.


We appreciate your kind understanding.